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Treasure Boxes

My treasure boxes

Alex Von Furstenberg Treasure Box

Alex Von Furstenberg Gem Box



















Since my wedding about 6 months ago, I have been thinking about what to do with the various odds and ends that I had collected and kept from the big weekend, from the chopstick party favors we gave out at our Chinese food rehearsal dinner to the bottle of Veuve we popped just after theceremony. The same goes for the ticket stubs and odds and ends from my semester abroad and the tassle from my cap and gown and other college momentos.

Then, magic happened, when I found Alex Von Furstenberg’s collection of treasure and gem boxes, pictured above.¬†Then, sadness happened, when I realized that the smallest treasure box is nearly $200 and the gem boxes are $658. So, some day when I make it big (or am ready to trade decorating my feet with Jimmy Choo’s for decorating my home with AVF), I will buy several AVF treasure boxes to display my treasures.

Until that day comes, I went the budget route and purchased a couple display cubes from The Container Store¬† in different sizes and styled my wedding treasures inside and have them on top of the piano next a framed wedding photo. I was afraid it would look tacky, but I’m pretty happy with the result, and it sure beats keeping our momentos in old shoe box in my closet at my parents’ house.



This weekend I signed up for Pinterest, an inspiration board sharing website. I will be using it to collect images related to home decor, seasonal ideas, and fashion. I’m pretty excited about the capabilites of pinterest and I hope if you sign up you’ll share your inspiration boards with me and take a look at mine. My boards are a little sparse right now, but I will updating and adding frequently.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Enjoy the day off and take a moment to think of those heroes who lost their lives in order to provide us with the freedoms we enjoy!