Game Night


My group of girlfriends from grad school often get together for game night, where we drink wine, eat, and actually play a few games too. Inspired by my grad student nerdiness, my  husband and I recently hosted a game night for a different group of friends. Game nights are another budget way to entertain because you can get away with serving just snacks instead of a whole meal, and you can ask everyone to bring their favorite drink, along with their favorite game. Definitely easier on the wallet than all meeting at a bar or going out to eat.

The food: Smitten Kitchen’s White Bean Roasted Red Pepper Dip served with carrots, celery and pita chips (pictured above),  Cheese plate , and assorted treats from Traders Joes (yogurt covered raisins, nut mix and chocolate covered cranberries)

The drinks: We provided an assortment of beers and our guests brought wine and champagne

The games: We cleared some room in front of our TV for Wii, played Taboo and the dining room table, and had Backagmmon and Scrabble on side tables.

Happy Gaming!


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